Hi!  I'm Alex Steffler, a photographer based in the Midtown area of Houston, Texas.
My interest in photography began when I first used a marker to draw a lens and viewfinder onto a building block.  Some of my earliest memories are of wanting to pack a camera bag and go document the world, connecting with people along the way.  
Around age 10, I began dedicating serious time to learning photography.  For most of my time as a photographer, I've been self-taught.  My first trip outside the United States was to Norway in 1999 (and again in 2000) which allowed me to add to my body of work.  During high school, I participated in local Houston photography exhibitions.  Over the next several years I continued shooting and traveling – both of which are innate passions – and, on the side, sold rights to various works to publications requiring photographs – whether it was a Spanish textbook needing an image from Paraguay or a German academic journal on Latin America wanting to publish one of my photographs from rural Honduras.
In 2015, I began freelancing and accepting assignments for event photography, wedding photography, and portraits & headshots for LinkedIn and other professional use.  I currently freelance for Houstonia Magazine.  My recent clients include Houston's Uber corporate staff team, the incoming managing director of Stages Repertory Theatre, and the Houston Symphony.
I absolutely love to shoot weddings.  Every step in the process, beginning with meeting the spouses-to-be to delivering the final images, is pure joy.  My husband and I were married in California in 2013, before same-sex marriage was possible in Texas.  Whether you're a same-sex couple looking for a wedding photographer who can relate to you, or a couple needing a bilingual wedding photographer, or throwing a traditional church wedding – I'd love to connect and see how we might work together.
I was born and raised in Houston – first Westbury, then Montrose.  I left Houston after high school and received a B.A. in international affairs from George Washington University in Washington, D.C.  I'm a native English speaker but I'm near-fluent in Spanish thanks to an excellent Spanish teacher followed by years of living and working in Latin America.  My husband David and I were married in San Francisco in 2013, then threw what would have been our sole wedding event in Houston a few months later had it been legal.  We're own two adorable and photogenic Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.